The Need for Fume Extraction

Many industrial processes can generate harmful dust and fume. Any operation where a material is cut,
marked, heated, burned or physically altered in any way has the potential to produce harmful materials.

Some common hazards are:

  • Solder fume
  • Weld fume
  • Laser fume from plastics, metals, wood etc.
  • Respirable dust
  • Solvents
  • and many more…

Many types of dust and fume created by these applications are hazardous to health if inhaled. They can also
cause damage and problems to the process they are being used on. A Purex high performance fume extraction
system will help to:

  • Protect employee health.
  • Ensure compliance with Health & Safety regulations such as
    OSHA, NIOSH C.O.S.H.H, MAK, AFNOR, or equivalent.
  • Increase production speeds.
  • Reduce complaints by operators due to odours, dust and vapours.
  • Avoid possible cost of health compensation claims
  • Reduce the cost & time to cleaning laser lenses, conveyors,
    guarding, soldering machines and other equipment.
  • Reduce product contamination.
  • Provide a better working environment.

*Local and international health and safety legislation (such as COSHH, NIOSHH, OSHA etc) states that it is the
employers responsibility to protect the health, welfare and safety of their employees. Failure to do so can result in
expensive legal action, potential fines and poor employee relations 


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